Chris Anderson was born on the twin-island state of Trinidad & Tobago. Chris is a photographer, artist and designer with a long career in the jewelry arts. In 1980 Chris studied photography in Canada. From this early study and the fact, Chris's dad was a photo enthusiast, photography was always a tempting subject. With the advances in digital technology, Chris began his photographic journey in 2005 and now offers photography experiences as one of his services. 

The Photography Experience 

Photographers can visit well beaten and hidden spots on these two unusual and vastly different Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Lots of Variety available from Hindu Celebrations to the world-famous Asa Wright Nature Center with rare Birds.

Shooting can include Mountain Farmers, Coastline Visits, Fishing Villages, Colonial Churches and Homes, Mosques/Temples, Dense Tropical Forests, Palm Forests, Birds, Wetlands, Cultural Celebrations, Carnival and much much more...

Services Offered

1. Photography tours for professionals or amateurs (with lessons if requested).

2. Clients travel with me to several of my favourite spots or requested locations.

3. Locations can include drivable spots, landscape hikes, boat trips, river hikes etc.


  • Standard price per person: 180USD /$1200TT
  • Group packages for three: 285USD / $1900TT
  • Groups to Tobago tours: Negotiable.
  • Lessons will be an additional 20% on top of the standard tour charges. 
5 Hours 07 Mar, 08 Mar, 09 Mar, and more

What is included in the tour

- Transport for a maximum of three clients to the location.

- Any additional clients will have to organise their own transport to site. Help with this process will be provided. 


Additional Info


- Clients can walk with their gear e.g. camera, tripod, lenses, drones etc.

- Sandwiches, Fruits, Nuts etc. (depending on duration on location)

- Non-slip water shoes if applicable to location.

- Hiking Apparel.

- Bug Spray

- Dry clothes.