Scuba DDI is the love child of Neil Ng Fong who has been both a free-diver and an avid SCUBA diver for over thirty (30) years. Neil had spent most of his years fishing, diving and just liming (hanging out) on the sea in the area known as Down D’ Islands. 

His first love has always been the ocean and he recognized that many people shared this same passion but they found it difficult to get ready access to these chain of islands located just off the Trinidadian coast. Seeing a great opportunity to mix business and pleasure, Scuba DDI was created in 2016 and has made its mark as a service provider.


The SCUBA Experience includes: 

1. All equipment

2. Transport to and from the mainland 

2. Explanation of how the equipment works

3. Teach you to breathe underwater in a controlled environment 

4. Take you for your first dive 

5. Underwater pics of your first experience

4 Hours 15 Dec, 29 Dec, and 10 Nov

What is included in the tour



All SCUBA Equipment



Additional Info


No Certification Needed

Guests must be 12 years or older. Guests who are younger than 18 years of age must have a consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Our requirements are that:

1. You are comfortable in water when your feet can’t touch the ground 

2. It’s a plus if you can tread water but if you are a water baby and can fulfill the first requirement you can be part of the Scuba Experience 

3. You do not have the cold or sinus infection or you don’t suffer from sinus issues 

4. You are ready to try something new. No expectations. Just come and enjoy the experience.

5. In order to participate in this Experience, we ask that you fill out our information form and read our disclaimer.